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Clinical value of new drugs in acute myeloid leukemia
EHA Library. Ossenkoppele G. 06/16/19; 273660
Dr. Gert Ossenkoppele
Dr. Gert Ossenkoppele
Learning Objectives

Torsten Haferlach - Chair introduction

We learn to understand the landscape of AML and use this for precision medicine approaches. This does not only include phenotype but also genotype, reflected more and more also in WHO classification (2017) and prognostication systems such as ELN guidelines (2017). It also leads to more understanding in epigenetic features, DNA-damaging and further immune regulation.
We further experience a time, when techniques such as Next-generation Sequencing (NGS) are more and more used in routine settings at diagnosis and for follow-up studies such as measurable residual disease (MRD). This is also true for immunophenotyping. However, even new approaches such as mass cytometry are tested in early response evaluation. This all, at diagnosis, for follow-up and at relapse, leads to precision medicine approaches, guided by more specific treatment and - followed complete remission -, individualized therapies guided by MRD.

Learning goals of the article
• To recapitulate state of the art diagnostics as well as treatment strategies in AML and to learn about cutting edge techniques being tested today.
• To understand that the diagnosis and the treatment of AML is on a fascinating journey from phenotype to genotype, from 3+7 to treatment protocols without standard chemotherapeutic drugs.

Learning goals of the presentation
After attending this lecture, the participant will be able to
• understand that here is an urgent medical need for improving treatment of AML,
• discuss the many new drugs that become available for AML patients now and in the near future, and
• describe the immunotherapeutic approaches in the treatment of AML currently explored.

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