Treating Thalassemia: Thinking 'out of the box'
EHA Library. Rivella S. 06/17/18; 219243 Topic: 1Ae Thalassemia including HbE disorders
Disclosure(s): Consultant
Ionis Pharmaceuticals
Disc Medicine
Protagonist Therapeutics
Meira GTX
Research Grants
European Community-FP7

Ionis Pharmaceuticals
Aevi Genomic Medicine
(former Medgenics)
Prof. Stefano Rivella
Prof. Stefano Rivella
Learning Objectives
• learn the relationship between erythropoiesis and iron metabolism,
• understand ineffective erythropoiesis and how this affects iron absorption,
• discuss how agents that control iron absorption can improve ineffective erythropoiesis, and
• describe emerging therapies for patients affected by thalassemia based on agents that modulate erythropoiesis and iron metabolism.

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