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Anemia in the elderly
EHA Library. Girelli D. 06/15/18; 219091 Topic: 1Ea Hematological manifestations of non-hematological disorders
Disclosure(s): La Jolla Pharmaceutical (Advisory Board)
Silence Therapeutics (Advisory Board)
Vifor Fresenius Medical Pharma (Speaker)
Personal Genomics s.r.l. (Spin-Off of the University of Verona – founder)
Prof. Domenico Girelli
Prof. Domenico Girelli
Learning Objectives
- increase the awareness on AE as a serious public health problem, and not merely a physiological consequence of aging,
- highlight the independent associations of AE, even mild, with clinically relevant outcomes including quality of life, frailty, and mortality, and
- underscore the key role of multimorbidity as main determinant of AE pathophysiology. Classical diagnostic algorithms for anemia, developed for detecting a single cause in young people, doesn’t work well in multifactorial AE. In particular, thresholds of some critical laboratory values (e.g. MCV, ferritin) need to be reconsidered.

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