Alas1 Is Essential For Neutrophil Maturation In Zebrafish
EHA Library. Lian J. Nov 1, 2018; 234395 Topic: 8Aa Hematopoiesis and stem cell biology
Junwei Lian
Junwei Lian
Journal Abstract

Co-Authors: Jiakui Chen, Kun Wang, Lingfeng Zhao, Ping Meng, Liting Yang, Jiayi Wei, Ning Ma, Jin Xu, Wenqing Zhang, Yiyue Zhang

Abstract: Neutrophils play essential roles in innate immunity and are the first responders to kill foreign micro-organisms, a function that partially depends on their granule content. The complicated regulatory network of neutrophil development and maturation remains largely unknown. Here we utilized neutrophil-deficient zebrafish to identify a novel role of Alas1, a heme biosynthesis pathway enzyme, in neutrophil development. We showed that Alas1-deficient zebrafish exhibited proper neutrophil initiation, but further neutrophil maturation was blocked due to heme deficiency, with lipid storage and granule formation deficiencies, and loss of heme-dependent granule protein activities. Consequently, Alas1-deficient zebrafish showed impaired bactericidal ability and augmented inflammatory responses when challenged with Escherichia coli. These findings demonstrate the important role of Alas1 in regulating neutrophil maturation and physiological function through the heme. Our study provides an in vivo model of Alas1 deficiency and may be useful to evaluate the progression of heme-related disorders in order to facilitate the development of drugs and treatment strategies for these diseases.

Article Number: 1785

Doi: 10.3324/haematol.2018.194316

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