CARD10, a CEBPE target involved in granulocytic differentiation
EHA Library. Shyamsunder P. Aug 1, 2018; 226748 Topic: 8Aa Hematopoiesis and stem cell biology
Pavithra Shyamsunder
Pavithra Shyamsunder
Journal Abstract
Co-Authors: Haresh Sankar, Anand Mayakonda, Lin Han, Hazimah Binte Mohd Nordin, Teoh Weoi Woon, Mahalakshmi Shanmugasundaram, Pushkar Dakle, Vikas Madan, H. Phillip Koeffler

Abstract: Maturation of granulocytes is dependent on controlled gene expression by myeloid lineage restricted transcription factors. CEBPE is one of the essential transcription factors required for granulocytic differentiation. Identification of downstream targets of CEBPE is vital to understand better its role in terminal granulopoiesis. In this study, we have identified Card10 as a novel target of CEBPE. We show that CEBPE binds to regulatory elements upstream of the murine Card10 locus, and expression of CARD10 is significantly reduced in Cebpe knock-out mice. Silencing Card10 in a human cell line and in murine primary cells impaired granulopoiesis, affecting expression of genes involved in myeloid cell development and function. Taken together, our data demonstrate for the first time that Card10 is expressed in granulocytes and is a direct target of CEBPE with functions extending to myeloid differentiation.

Article Number: 1269

Doi: 10.3324/haematol.2018.190280

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